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I'm a creative expert who went back to college to get my Master of Science in Sustainable Systems and Social Impact. My research is specifically in how the fashion industry impacts the planet.


While I complete my thesis I am happily working as a consultant to brands helping them identify how to scale their creative departments and meet growing content needs. I adhere to a values-based strategy model and promote purpose-driven content while developing systems that align a brand's people, processes and tools across regions.


I am available to help brands discover opportunities for change, and make the heavy lift into ensuring they are meeting their sustainability goals for 2050 (or sooner).

Lets get your creative teams one step ahead.


I'm Christine

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• I am a sustainability consultant who is also a creative expert.

• My work experience can be viewed on LinkedIn.

• Here are some testimonials about me.

• These are brands I've worked with.

• I'm available for public speaking, educational talks, and panel discussions.

• I get hired to be on brand strategy and development teams, so reach out if you'd like to add me to your group.

• Sign up for my newsletter and I'll let you know when things happen.

• After an email intro, I do a complimentary 20-minute follow-up call to learn more about your needs. Anything after that is $200 per hour.

• My rates are based on a transparent & standard business model:

Cost of running a business +

Cost of goods +

Cost for my time, knowledge, and labor +


 • Before you reach out, please be prepared with the following information:

• a clear budget

• estimated timeline 

• deliverables you prefer

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