My photo direction can be recognized by beautiful light, rich tones, and genuine feeling models paired with a certain confidence. It's perfect for brands that want to connect, while maintaining a unique personality.

I anticipate what you need to keep

your visuals one step ahead.

I'm Christine

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• I am an art director with a #femalegaze.

• My resume can be viewed on LinkedIn.

• I'm super into cross-channel strategy for your brand to succeed.

• Here are some testimonials about what comes with me.

• These are brands I've worked with.

• I'm available for public speaking and panel discussions.

• I get hired to be on brand development teams, so reach out if you'd like to hire me.

• I give customized workshops on the biz of creative and photo direction.

• Sign up for my newsletter and I'll let you know when things happen.

• After an initial intro, I do a complimentary 20-minute follow-up call to learn more about your needs.

• My day and hourly rates are based on a classic business model:

Cost of running a business +

Cost of goods +

Cost of my time and labor +

Profit + Taxes 

=  My Rates. 

 • Before you reach out, please be prepared with the following information:

• a clear budget

• # of images/videos needed

• your estimated timeline 

usage rights needed 

• transparent communication


Drop me a note.

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