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In 2010 when Hand-Eye Supply was approached by Art Director and Photographer Christine Taylor to do a content product catalog documenting a broad cross section of Northwest creatives featured alongside in-store product for designers, makers, and creatives we had no idea it would take off way it did.  This project went viral around the globe with Cool Hunting, Design Sponge, and Popeye Japan, making the launch of this brand a big hit.

Each portrait displays the subjects in the midst of their real creative environments—dusty workshops, hot kitchens and earthy farmlands—tastefully composed with a nostalgic nod to work crew and shop photos from the '40s and '50s. When you fold up the corner of their image the interaction reveals sketches and stories about each subject's process, brining personality to authentic branding for apparel and products.


Client - Core77

Creative Director - Eric Ludlum

Art Director & Photographer - Christine Taylor

Producer - Tobias Berblinger

Assisant - Laurence Sarrazin
Design - Studio Lin

Copy - Willem Van Lancker 

Makers In the Modern Era

  • This is part of a limited ed. art project so sadly there are no returns or exchanges. Though part of a collection, each print and each book is custom made so you know you have a rare and collectible object to treasure over time. How it ages will depend on how you protect it. Some ways to ease wear and tear include:


    * using soft cotton art gloves when handling 

    * keeping out of direct sunlight and hot lights

    * framing with acid-free materials

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